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Techfluid Yantai Limited
Hose Design
Quality Control
Test Equipment
Production Capacity
Marine Equipment Overhaul

Ι Hose Design

Our professional hose design team provide customers with tailor made technical support and solution such as:

design, analysis, simulation & verification and installation & pipe configuration, hose failure analysis by using advanced piping design software. 

Meanwhile, we carry out FEA of hose, optimize product structure, enhance product performance and extend service life.

Ι Information Management And Traceability System For Hose Supply

Techfluid Yantai Limited offer its global partners and customers with products' information traceability service. 

By logging on our web site or pay attention to our official We chat, inputting its unique 16-bit code No., you can get following information:


• Anti-counterfeiting, which is convenient for customer to recognize products' authenticity.


• Details information of products can be shared with customer, for example size, technical specification, hose length, end connection details, production date, testing and inspection report, which will help customers to manage it easy.